Global Economy On Life Support

Global economy is on life support. Worries growing over the Fed’s efforts to fix funding issues that is all likely to get much worse.

Active portfolio management

Active portfolio management is about adjusting investment allocation based on the balance of power between various market macroeconomic forces on a short term and long term basis. When done correctly, it results in a potent and very profitable return, often better the market regardless of the market direction. Here is …

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So What Rally

This week all the opposing indicators rallied, Gold symbol of fear, Bond symbol of economy decline and Stocks symbol of growth. Just 3 weeks ago market did -6% correction and then +7 recovery immediately. “I’m confused, Stock Market, Bonds, Gold and Oil are all rallying together. What gives?” Investor asked. …

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Global Tech War Prologue

Oval Office United State, 2039. “Madam President you need to come with us,” said Bruce, the US president Harrington’s head of secret service. President Harrington knew, when her secret service bodyguards barged into her Oval office, it must be a serious situation concerning national security, and she needs to go …

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Market Fundamentals

Day 1 of Market Fundamental Workshop “Welcome everyone to SMU market training. For the first part of today, I’m going to cover the economic fundamentals that influence the market. So before I begin, is there any questions?”, asked Hugh the SMU training instructor looking at the group of investors who …

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